TinyMCE remove table borders

TinyMCE is a fantastic Javascript library that allows for rich text entry on the web. I like it very much but was not happy that it would put borders around the tables.

After looking at their CSS, I was able to see how to override the table format using my own CSS.

First we need to tell TinyMCE to use a custom content css.

	      content_css : "/css/tinyMCE.css",
	      plugins: ["image","print","table","code"],
              image_advtab: true

Then in our CSS we need to overide these styles:

table.mce-item-table,.mce-item-table td,.mce-item-table th,.mce-item-table caption{
border: none;

That is it, now the tables have no borders.

You can certainly add different borders instead of removing them all together.

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